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I came across this the other day. Using SQL 2000 I could not get a Top statement to work with a variable. I had forgotten that only with SQL 2005 and higher could you do this trick. I found a good way ...

Michael Freidgeim,

One of my colleagues asked how to create SQL query to show results as columns of a row, that actually stored in multiple rows in the table. Other co-worker suggested to use cursor to manually generate ...


Where’s Daddy? My wife, one year old daughter and I play a game that most other parents have played at some point; my wife will hold her and ask her "Where’s daddy?” and the response is invariably a wide-eyed ...

Joe Mayo,

Funny, after having blogged today about not using Portable Libraries because of lack of features the BCL team released Portable Library Tools 2 Beta. Since IQueryable is supported too I’ll have to take ...

Liam Westley,

Here in the UK we recently had a long weekend due to a public holiday. So what better time to sit back in a comfy chair with the laptop and read the latest MSDN Magazine online? Unless you have children, ...