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Have you ever noticed something that bothered you, and decided to see if you could do something about it?  I have a pet peeve regarding the "Search online for a project template" feature of VS.NET.  That has existed for several versions.  But I have yet to get any results any time I have ever followed that link.  Why?  Do project templates not exist?  Are they not bubbled up in the right way?  What can we do as a community to create some interesting project templates that will make our lives easier.  So, here is my proposal.

First, a discussion to determine what project templates make sense.  We have the "personal web site" template, the "movie collection" and the "screen saver" starters.  I am sure there are other kits out there.  Codeplex has some, other folks have them squirrelled away.  How do we get the good ones to rise to the top.  Let's talk about what we would like to see as starter kits.  Develop a short list of templates, say 6.  Then start some work. 

There seems to be articles on how, but does anyone know of kits that are out there?

Or perhaps we take some of the existing applications/web site models and make them a project template. 

I think there needs to be some groundrules around the templates.  What version of .net do we want to support?  What technologies do we want to include?  What is the quality bar to set? 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Sports League web site
  • Online Store
  • Club or UG site

I know that these exist to some extent in one for or another.  Projects created to show development in a book, or as an example for an event.  But how many exist as a template I can place in my copy of VS, click new project and select this template?  and once it is up, have it run then.  Or maybe run after a couple of setup steps (clearly documented and defined)?

Anyone out there have any good ideas?  Anyone know any good templates?

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