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I don't know how many folks are familiar with Microsoft Technology Summit.  We are in our 3rd year, once again I find myself sitting in the conference center in Redmond.  Interesting crowd once again.

The basic premise is this.  We (the Microsoft Developer field) research and seek out influential IT folk in the world, with a focus on those that may not deal with us or even like us.  And we invite them to campus in Redmond, and spend 3 days have a conversation.  Some of lead lead architects, lead researchers, scientists, come in, and have a conversation about what Microsoft is doing and planning on doing in the future.  And not just the what, but the why.  And I feel the why is often more important than the what.

This year we have 50 people from all over the world, a mixture of corporate and community folk.  No NDA is signed.  They can talk about, blog about, and report on anything they hear.  Go seek out the blogs.  There is usually a significant number of people blogging during the event.

We are in our first talk right now, Bill Hilf.  More later on the audience...

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