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eScrum:  Agile Project Management Tool

eScrum is an end-to-end Project management tool for Scrum. It is a web based tool built on the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) platform.  Its components include a web interface,and  a TFS Process template.

With the increased adoption of Agile methodologies and TFS, eScrum fills an important gap of having an integrated solution for customers. 

eScrum external offerings:

o Multiple ways to interact with your Scrum project, with integrity of data:

o eScrum web-based UI

o TFS Team Explorer

o Excel, via TFS integration

o MS Project, via TFS integration

o Intuitive and rich web interface built using ASP.NET Ajax.

o One-stop place for all Scrum artifacts such as product backlog, sprint backlog, task management, retrospective, and reports.

o Context-sensitive help across all pages

o Multiple products and multiple sprints per project

o Categorization of  product backlog items and tasks using a customized list of values per project

o Prioritization, sorting, filtering, and sequencing of product backlog items and tasks

o Hierarchically organized product backlog items and its tasks with rollup totals.

o Rich Reporting

o Sprint totals

o Sprint metrics

o Sprint burndown

o Sprint cumulative flow

o Product summary

o Export any report to Excel, pdf, xml, or csv formats

o Custom reports can be built using SQL Reporting services integrated with TFS Team Explorer

Link to Download details: Microsoft eScrum Version 1.0

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