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Okay, this is not directly code related.  But it is a direct effect of having a job coding.  I moved into a house a year and a half ago.  It's basement was marginally useful to me.  Extra bedroom (me and my wife, not kids left at the nest), carpet (cats and dogs make this a bad thing), in general just a wasted space.  Do I decided to change that.  To perhaps a space more useful, and what could be more useful a good old fashion Irish pub.

First, we knocked out the extra bedroom, ripped up the carpet and tiled the floor, painted the walls.  It became a much more pleasant place to hang out.  But still lacking.

I added a HD tv, xbox setup, dvr and some basic seating (okay, it is a futon from a long ago era).  And I started looking at bar plans.

I located a contractor, finalized plans and sent him money.  Then I started collecting equipment.

  1. Keg box (found a nice 3 keg unit used from a pizza joint that went out of biz)
  2. Ice machine (no more bags at the local QT)
  3. under counter fridge. (mixers and soda)

Now for the fun stuff.

  1. dart board and cabinet
  2. pool table

I will start taking pictures today. 

CodeToLive can provide some fun toys.  Tell me about the toys your time at a keyboard gets you.



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