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A pretty basic feature seems to be broken

I upgraded my work laptop to Windows 8 Enterprise, tracked down the secret incantation to add the key and activate it.  Installed VS 2012 Ultimate on it (release) and started playing.  All seemed fine.  Minimal issues with Win8, a couple of odd ball apps that failed (the drop protection on my HD, the one shipped with the Dell machine) and had to track down a wired network adaptor driver.  But other than that, the OS seemed to be a smooth upgrade.

VS, on the other hand blind sided me.  I opened and created a couple of projects, looked over the projects it let’s me create (now that I am on a win8 machine) and all seemed well.  Then I went to try something in ASP.NET.  Created a project, wrote some demo code, hit f5 with the supreme confidence that it would fire up a web server and show me the pages.  Crash.  Instead of showing me my web site, it gave me this…


I tried a couple of times, attempting to define insanity (doing same thing again and again expecting different results), no luck.

Repaired VS, no luck.

Uninstalled the web part of VS, reinstalled, no luck.

Create simple web application and left it alone, no luck.

Searched the web, and found several folk were having the same issues, wondering when MSFT was going to fix.

I can right click and browse with… and get the site to work.  I can type in the URL, (http://locahost:63985/) and it works. 

Any one find a fix?  I want my f5 back.


Okay, a quick update.  I installed a couple of extra browsers, Mozilla and Chrome, and then changed the default behavior to use FireFox.  Oddly, it won’t let you do that form the project level, but you can at the page (or in this case the controller level) and it effects the project level.  Then when I “start without debugging” or “start with debugging” and tried it with FireFox.  All was well. 

Hoping it was a association of some sort that was broken, and that by unselecting and re-selecting IE it would fix the disconnect, I tried again.  Fail.

So, concerns.

  • I can’t start (debug or no, f5 or ctl-f5) with IE selected.
  • I can’t select another browser at the project level.

Anyone  else see this?  Anyone have a fix?



Seems I am not the only one, and that it is not just win8/vs2012.  From what I can gather it is a vs in 32 bit, OS in 64 issue that crops up on occasion.  I have a work around.


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